A suite of world-class IP IoT and security technologies that constantly monitor assets

It provides a comprehensive analysis of events including:

  • Studying, planning, extending, installing and maintaining network systems.

  • Supplying and installing cabins for network devices, laying cables, installing network points. (Faceplate, floor box, patch panel, cable manager )).

  • Supplying, installing and programming routers, Swatches and ads modem.

  • Supply, installation and programming of wireless devices:

    • Supply and installation of internal and external access points

    • Supply and installation of accesses point to multi point direction

    • Antenna 4G 5G

Supply, installation and maintenance Monitoring and protection systems:

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras

  • moving cameras

  • NVR recording devices and connect them to the computer

Computers and servers

  • Supply and installation of computers and operating systems in addition to maintenance, parts and electronic copying system

  • Supply, installation and maintenance of servers

  • Supply, installation, maintenance of computer accessories (monitors, printers, scanners, etc.)

  • Supplying, installing and programming attendance and departure devices for employees and downloading their programs