Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)

Some of the specifications of professional security cameras:

  • Very high image quality and resolution

  • Smart infrared range in night vision

  • Suitable for a wide range such as (government and industrial buildings, schools, etc.)

The benefits of high-definition surveillance cameras:

  • deter theft.

  • deter sabotage.

  • Provide camera footage for evidence.

  • Monitor employee performance.

  • Monitor employee safety.

  • It gives you a view of the entire commercial premises.

Control devices:

Benefits of moving from traditional switches to electronic control:

  • Increased accessibility for employees.

  • Save money and energy.

  • Secure tracking of who comes and goes from the facility.

  • Protection from unwanted visitors.

  • Give employees the freedom to work when they need to.

  • Prevent against breach and data theft.

Cybersecurity Solutions:



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